The workplace can be a tremendously rewarding environment. Here we can give our best ideas and contribute to meaningful outcomes. Here we can work collaboratively with others, finding creative ways forward that we could not have imagined alone. Both our work and our workplace can contribute toward the common good.

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The workplace can also be a place of frustration, distrust and discouragement. It is often a place of (unresolved) conflict. Walter Vale Consulting, Inc. operates from the assumption that while not necessarily desired, conflict can bring important changes in us and our organizations. Consequently, we are committed to helping parties explore the nature of conflict and identify the issues and relationships involved. Only then can parties begin to make tentative steps forward. How we handle conflict matters… because people matter.

Walter Vale Consulting, Inc. can help you assess the issues your organization is experiencing and help you work through the relational complexity of these situations.

Respondeo etsi mutabor. I respond although I shall be changed.