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Our purpose (in a nutshell)

Conflict is hard. Dealing with conflict can be even harder. Walter Vale Consulting seeks to transform how organizations understand conflict and how they address the relational dimensions.


Our philosophy explained

Although conflict is inevitable, it need not be destructive. What makes conflict decidedly negative is how we (fail to) deal with it. Walter Vale Consulting is committed to addressing conflict in a constructive manner. Our values include:

  • Every person matters
  • Every person has something of value to contribute
  • We can do better together than apart
  • Every person makes mistakes
  • We cannot move forward without forgiveness


Organizations we support

Walter Vale Consulting is committed to helping organizations improve how they handle conflict and improving situations within the broader community. To this end, 25% of all profits will be donated to one of three charities:


Small company. Small staff. Low expenses. Competitive prices

Marinus Janson

Marinus C. Janson has over 20 years of experience developing projects and mentoring people in a variety of contexts. These include working with employees and volunteers in both western and non-western settings. His most interesting experience was inviting militant extremists to consider non-violence and forgiveness; his least relevant experience was selling vacuum cleaners. Along the way he has worked with/in organizations in conflict, some of which handled conflict well; many that did not. He holds a Certificate in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University as well as a Master of Christian Studies from Regent College and a Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction from San Francisco Theological Seminary. These fields of study have convinced him that organizations do better—are better—when they address conflict directly and with respect. Other interests include moving more slowly, owning less things, soccer, hiking, reading and watching good movies.

Walter Vale

the visitorWalter Vale (aka. Richard Jenkins) is the lead character in the movie “the Visitor”. He is a lonely college professor ‘living’ in Connecticut. While attending a conference in New York, he finds illegal immigrants living in his apartment. After initially evicting them, he has compassion and allows them to stay. Thus begins an unlikely and transformative friendship. After Tarek is wrongfully arrested, Vale is compelled to seek justice for his new friend. Although ultimately unsuccessful, he is changed by the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you were wondering

Why address conflict?

In reality the question is not whether you address conflict; the question is how you address conflict. Poor conflict resolution might address the issue at hand but engender frustration and/or bitterness in the people involved. Within your organization, seldom do disgruntled employees make effective employees. Conversely, carefully assessing the nature of conflict and respecting all parties involved communicates respect and value. Although honestly addressing conflict is more difficult, takes longer and costs more money, it ultimately produces stronger people and better organizations.

Why address the relational dimensions of conflict?

All conflicts encompass issues but are rarely are they only about issues; conflicts inevitably involve people. If an organization only addresses the issues but leaves relational complexities unaddressed, it is possible (likely) that additional conflict will emerge. People have an amazing ability to remember wrongdoing and harbor resentment. However, given the opportunity and the resources, the same people may choose the road less traveled, the way of forgiveness and reconciliation. One road leads to frustration, anger and bitterness; the other road points toward a more desired future.

Why choose the way of forgiveness?

  • Because forgiveness frees us from the corrosive effects of holding on to resentment
  • Because we are interconnected—what happens to one part of your organization will likely affect other parts
  • Because forgiveness is beneficial to personal and organizational well-being
  • Because when you forgive, your future is unshackled from your past (Desmond Tutu)

Why choose Walter Vale Consulting?

  • Because conflict is by nature polarizing it is often helpful to hire a “neutral” third party who can assess the situation and offer potential steps forward
  • Because we are a small consulting firm we do not enter situations with prepackaged solutions. We are committed to assessing your needs and developing responses that fit your situation. Being small allows us to adapt to your needs
  • Because we are a small consulting firm we are able to offer the specific resources your organization requires at competitive prices.
  • Because we are a local consulting firm, we have an appreciation of your cultural environment—it is also our environment
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