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Helping you with conflict analysis

Conflicts cannot be effectively addressed without clarifying the nature of the issues. Although this may seem obvious, seldom do parties view conflict through the same lens. Walter Vale Consulting can provide an analysis of the issues driving a given conflict. It is our belief, however, that issues rarely stand alone—they are often “nested” in relational complexities as well as corporate systems and cultural structures.

Using a variety of assessment tools, we will provide you with a detailed report outlining the what, when and why of a given conflict. Based on this report recommendations for further response can be explored.

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Helping you move forward

If conflict could be plotted on a continuum, training would serve an organization most effectively either prior to a conflict or when the dust settles. Although capacity building is preferred, it usually post-conflict when questions of rebuilding working relationships or seeking alternative practices emerge.

Each training is approximately one hour.


• Identifies common sources of conflict
• Explores connections between issues and relationships
• Examines five different conflict handling styles


• Considers the benefits of apology
• Explores what constitutes a meaningful apology
• Suggests some practical ways to apologize


• Identifies some of the challenges of forgiveness
• Explores the possibilities of shaping a different future
• Highlights initial steps toward forgiving

Given the complexity involved in forgiving another (or ourselves), a more in depth training is available. For more information, click HERE.



Helping you resolve immediate conflict

Mediation is a process in which two people convene to explore mutually beneficial solutions in conflict situations. Foundational to this process is the belief that parties can do better together than they can apart; without this underlying value there would be no impetus for mediation.


Multi-party negotiation is a similar process but with multiple interest groups. Given the complexity of the positions, interests and needs, this process is best served by a trained, impartial third-party.


Flexible Pricing

Contact us to clarify what you are looking for and what you can pay


$ 95 / hour
  • Conflict Assessment
  • Organizational Capacity
  • Mediation
  • Non-profit rates available


$ 200 / training
  • 1-1.5 hours instructional time
  • Flexible content
  • Interactive
  • Resources provided
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